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Old 08-18-2009, 04:25 PM
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Re: Can't Charge without HTC audio adapter connected

Originally Posted by gator2k83 View Post
The audio adapter might be tricking the phone into thinking its not plugged into a pc. And the motorolla usb charger probally does not have the extra wires in it that the phone needs to tell it that it is a wall charger.

Try this, go to the power settings and make sure the "When my device is turned on, do not charge while connected to the PC" is not checked.

It is the first panel in the power settings. Start > Settings > System > Power .
I disagree. For the wall charger, you only have the 2 wires, + and -. Like i said, i hacked a wall charger from a Samsung VM680 (the first video phone Sprint had) and only hooked up the red and black wires in the generic Geek Squad usb cable that i got in a lot of cables off of eBay. It charges fine (and fast since its a 1A output), as do the cable from my Creative Zen USB 2.0 (old 20G hard drive based player), the newer Zen Micro usb cable, one i have that i use for my USB Card Reader and so on and so on.

I still stand on my first impression that either
1. the physical port on the phone is busted
2. something is hinkied in the software
3. he is running a custom ROM, cause i saw a post where a guy is using a ROM, and apparently the person who made the ROM left out the 'Dont Charge while connected' option, so his phone wont charge when syncing either.

Im not the end all here, but i do know something about electronics as my dad was a radar tech in the Army and taught me a LOT.
Its funny, at least 35 threads a day are people who tried to flash and messed up, or wonder why in the middle of the night their phone up and did a hard reset by 'itself'.
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Old 08-19-2009, 02:07 AM
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Re: Can't Charge without HTC audio adapter connected

Originally Posted by Talon Pro View Post
The cable is of no nevermind. Its been proven for years that a regular USB Mini A cable works fine. Even the Sprint car charger has that end, not the proprietary HTC end.

Point is, you seem to ignore that there is SOMETHING wrong with the phone, either the port or software issues, because it will work when the adapter is plugged in. The phone knows its plugged in via an additional connection (only a guess really) and the software triggers the ports that would be available.

If you are running a custom ROM, im sure something there is causing it, if its stock, then something you have installed is causing the problem. I had my SIP keyboard screw up beyond repair when i installed the Weather Editor v1.1 cab, and had to do a hard reset. Now tell me why each time i do a hard reset, that i cant reproduce the issue?

There is a conflict plain and simple, you just need to look to the phone side of things, not the computer side.
The problem with the phone is what I have been leaning towards the entire time. Hence why I kept saying that this cable was able to work with multiple other devices.

I am running a custom rom at the moment. I just upgraded to ssk 2.6. However, I am also running the same programs I had in the past and nothing, other than the upgrade, has really changed. Thus it must be the rom. That being said, I have yet to see someone report a problem like mine with that rom so I am leaning towards the port on the phone must be going out or something like that. I honestly dont know what it could be.

As for turning off the charge with connected to the computer, it does nothing. I still cant sync data and, obviously, cannot charge without the audio adapter. And to clarify, I AM able to charge and sync at the same time but require the audio adapter to do that. Without it I cannot sync or charge with my computer at all.
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