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Old 06-24-2009, 05:35 PM
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EzInput? Where is the application home page? Fixing my SIP keyboard...

One thing I must say I've noticed about the mobile device community is that there are a lot of "programs" out there, but very few "program sites". For instance, I'm looking into upgrading the default Opera that came with my touch pro, keeping up to date with the latest versions of software, and there is quite a slew of stuff out there it is often hard to filter through it all.

On the Opera site, for the 9.7b release, they mention rexommending upgrading to EzInput 2.0. Now "Supposedly" my htc touch pro uses EzINput 1.5, but that is a guess as far as I know because the "About" screen never says the word "EzInput", i see HTC, an Full Qwerty (or compact qwerty) version 1.5 (build 32285).

NOw a few days ago, (i dunno sometime last week), I had been playing around with things on the phone, and after installing the Keyboard layout IME that auto corrects i to I, and using Advanced Configuration utility to try and turn the "auto deploy of SIP keyboard" off, somewhere in the middle the Full QWERTY lost the ability to display the ABC page. (it's stuck on 123/Sym mode). Futher more the "SYM" button of the hardware keyboard doesn't work.

(Now one might question why the software was designed to auto deploy the SIP when the hard ware keypoard is opened, but we can forgive that programmer illogic in deference to the multi-portability of the OS that is deployed on multiple systems that may not have a hardware keyboard).

But now, i'm thinking I'm most likely going to have to hard reset and redo my configurations and tweaks once I feel I've progressed far enough into how these devices operate to tweak it without messing it up, but in the mean time i'm thinking I might as well try to install the next version of the EzInput software (if indeed that is the software that runs my SIP keyboard). But there is no site for EzInput. I see freewarepocketpc.net, i see xda-developers, but nothing that says: "We are the people who developed this software" Why is that? who wrote the EzInput software and do they have a site?

I'm not saying that trust is nil when it comes to downloading and installing apps, and granted there is a pretty big leap when installing cabs onto these devices, but one would think that if this the software HTC installed on the device out of the box they should be reputable enough to have their own site. *shrug*

Anyway, I'm still looking to find a solution to this SIP keyboard issue, and whether that means installing EzINput 2.0 or perhaps reverting a different modification that I applied, I'm game either way...(as it is I can't hard reset until I can manually back up all my data, and I'm still looking for the locations to that.)

Got the SDK installed for VS2008, so hopefully soon i'll be coming out with my own mods.. *mwuahahahaa*

Jaeden "Sifo Dyas" al'Raec Ruiner
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