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Old 04-03-2009, 01:56 PM
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Heat related to TP failure?

On my 4th TP now, others all had some issue along the line. Running Juicy's ROM, v6 right now.

For the first time since I've had my latest TP, I decided to watch Hulu on skyfire last night before going to sleep (yay daily show). I was holding the phone up in the air, the back case was still on, and the charger was plugged in. On my past TP's, this caused it to overheat and it would stop charging... so I expected some heat to happen.

After 15 minutes or so, it was still charging, I was surprised. I put my left hand on the phone (was just holding it with my right) and the back case was so hot I couldn't touch it for more than 5 seconds or so without it feeling as if it was burning me. So I popped the back case off and blew on the back of it to cool it down... the keyboard was almost this hot as well.

I decided to give up on watching anything and just went to sleep.

galarm woke me up fine in the morning, and all seemed alright.

I got into class, browsed around facebook a little, just using the soft keyboard. I turned the phone off and I noticed a line across the screen which faded away after a second or so. I turned it back on, and the screen was all garbled for about a half a second, then it corrected itself. I turned it back off immediately and the line was in the same spot, and faded out... As far as the fading goes, think oldschool gameboy, or gameboy color - what the screen did when you turned it off.

I looked down and noticed the backlight was still on too, tried power cycling it a couple of times and the backlight wouldn't turn off. Finally, I soft reset the phone and that fixed that issue.

I got out of class, slid open the keyboard to respond to a text, and it's dead. 100% dead. Caps/FN lights don't work any more... and its backlight doesn't come on when I slide the phone open.

Now, the line is there every time the screen turns off, and the display is messed up looking for a half a second when it first turns on, too.

And I just realized all the bottom keys are dead too... I don't think they were like that earlier. It doesn't respond to touch any more either - the bottom circle won't light up when you touch it. It's still lighting up for texts and such, so the LED's work... just everything else seems to be dead. Thankfully the power and volume keys work.

Think it's worth opening the phone to check for any issues or should I just write it off as another call to Sprint for a replacement?

Edit: Just realized why I'm seeing that line when the phone turns off -- it's because the backlight refuses to turn off... which also explains the weird display when turning the phone on too. These two are probably "normal" but because the backlight is getting stuck on - I'm actually seeing them.

Oh well, the light sensor on this TP has been messed up from day one, despite how everything else is wonderful, I'm just going to call to get it replaced. On to TP number 5

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