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Old 03-08-2009, 10:56 AM
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Unhappy control over word correction (different from the current hack problems)

Sorry long....

Hey, guys, I'm a noob with the HTC in general (got it 3 days ago) be a noob to smart phones period.

The reason why I made the switch was when I saw the virtual keypad texting feature and I figured it would handle my lack of keypad (texting)concerns on a smart phone.

Lemme start by saying, I've been searching for hours and hours (not on just this issue) to get my phone up to snuff (so far, I've had to do a hard reset for unknown problems). But I have it back to using a couple of cabs that turn off my the confirmation text and repeat unchecked texts (two of my biggest quarks).

The next one is this and this is my question and I'm super sorry this is long, this may not be important to you but it is for me....

(please note, i'm refering to texting with the keypad in T9)
(also note, I don't seem to be having the same problems that everyone who has been doing registry hacks for, probably because I don't use T9 with anything other than the keypad)

since the number 1 button only contains the following symbols

@ . ? ! , - ' : /

you can NEVER get T9 to suggest the regular smileys because the 1 button doesn't have parenthesis.

you can get T9 to learn the stick your tongue out by pressing adding it and pressing 1 and P and then choosing the smiley :P and I got it to learn and :/

I tried getting it to learn by hitting symbol (changing word suggest to 2 letter) but, there's no toggle symbol button so T9 won't know what to do to get it to pop up and when you choose a symbol it kills it from my word.

This bugs me and for now I use the menu, my text (which has my own smileys put in) as a temporary fix.

back when I had the sidekick 2 (I realize now why I loved that thing so much), I had complete control over auto correct.

I had it to where I could type in "tms" and it would type out for your T-Mobile Sidekick.

I would set up things so that wi would type out and sm would type out

I checked a lot of freeware and none of them looked good enough to use.
basically i would like the regular office word complete and be able to edit it. it seems simple but also seems difficult.

Any ideas on how i can get closer to having any of these functions?

Oh and one more, any fix on getting t9 to suggest more than just one line of words, how about a second line?

Sorry for the long post. Thanks
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