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Old 06-26-2010, 10:19 AM
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Is this the best option for a Mac user?

Hi, I am a broadcaster and when traveling have need to send voiceover audio to stations/clients. I routinely have just relied on my Macbook and wi-fi. I sometimes run into a situation where i can't get internet access that way. I've been on a Sprint SERO plan for years and don't want to drop it...
but would like to do occasional tethering for iSP access --

People tell me that currently the TouchPro 2 is pretty much the only way to go for this if i want to stay on my unlimited SERO plan... I don't know alot about this stuff so am just trying to get a sense of how easy it actually is - or isn't - to interface a Windows Mobile OS phone with a Mac - and access internet this way... Macs are all I have...just the way things worked out....and the platform that my audio apps run on...so that isn't going to change.

I'd appreciate any input on what i can expect if i went with a TP2 to 'tether' - how reliable it would be- ease of use connecting with a Mac (OSX 10.4) or....advice on better/alternative way to approach this. Gonna be doing some traveling for a month or two and just looking to get a stable gameplan in place before i go. I'm open to changing plans/phones - and definitely ready to move up from my old Sanyo 9000 as far as just having a better phone for simple things like email and browsing.

Thanks much for any thoughts -

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Old 06-29-2010, 11:04 PM
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Re: Is this the best option for a Mac user?

Mike. This is my very first post here. I usually just read. But as you are a fellow Mac user, here is some info I've worked out. No need to leave SERO and no need for a TP2.

3 Powerbooks (2 17" and a TiBook 400), an iBook and a couple old OS9 Macs btw.

If you are on Sprint or can't enable your carrier as a selection in Internet Sharing (in your Programs on your TP) then go here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...&postcount=644

* Or if that link does not work just do a google search for icsinstall. It's a CAB file and you need it to "re-enable" the connection sharing that Sprint (or your carrier) disables. Or use the ics install cab found in the next link below.

Go here: http://www.phonenews.com/where-in-th...firouter-2763/

This is the last free version of WMWifiRouter. Download and install on your TP. From here you will have to ignore the directions commonly found on the WMWifiRouter website because they seem to only apply to PCs.

This is how I connect. Open IntShrUI or Internet Sharing (either will do as long as you can select your carrier). Select your Carrier under Network Connection. Don't worry about the PC connection. it does not apply. Minimize the program.

On your Mac. Go to the Airport symbol in the menubar. Click and select Create Network. Call it whatever you want and give it some security. Set a password. Now, go back to your TP. Enable WiFi and then go to Settings, Connection tab and click on WiFi. Where it says "Networks to Access," select either "All Available" or Only Access points. You will see the network you just created with the Mac in the listing. Connect to the Mac (using the password you set). At this point you now have a wifi connection established between the Mac and the TP. All you need now is to direct your data connection through the TP to the Mac.

This is where WiFiRouter comes in. Go ahead and open WiFi Router. The default settings are fine, but if you want to play with them go ahead. Click on Connect. WMWiFiRouter will run through a whole bunch of stuff (you will notice an ICS connection being made, which is why it was important to first set the ICS to your carrier, otherwise it would default to PAM and that will not give you internet access). Finally, WMWiFiRouter will will report ready with a connection.

You can now open a browser or data connection on the Mac.

One possible problem. You could get a 169.xxx.xxx.xxx address which is local only. If that happens go into Network Preferences and Renew your DHCP lease. You should get a 192.xxx.xxx.xxx address.

* There you go. Since this is a data connection you can email (if your email is set to the correct ports) and browse the internet through your phone. One thing you may wonder about. Will Sprint (or your carrier) see you tethering? The answer is no. All they see is your phone because WMWiFiRouter is simply acting as a passthrough. It's your phone that is requesting the data.

* * Lastly note that you can also add other PCs/Macs to the network you have created. One caution though. Don't do this on battery power only! WMWiFiRouter sucks up battery and makes the phone HOT. I would suggest sliding out the keyboard as this adds some cooling. I also have the phone plugged in to my Mac (as activesync so it does not appear as a disk) to keep charging as long as possible. Once the TP hits a certain temp though it will stop charging and at that point you are at the mercy of your TP's battery life.

Hope it helps. BTW, I mentioned "other carrier" for the benefit of others out there who are not on Sprint.

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