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Old 12-20-2009, 09:38 PM
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Freeing Memory - Understanding Memory Usage and Allocation (RAM)

Verizon XV6850 - RAPH500
When researching the technical specifications of the phone, I get varying answers as to how much RAM should be available.

Regardless, here is my situation.

I purchased the phone used - it had Verizon Stock ROM on it with minimal usage. Unlocked phone and have used ssk ROMs (sskusers.net) only since I've been playing with it - have had the phone a couple months.

First I used wm6.1 - worked well.

Then I wanted to 'play' with WM6.5. Did a 'clear storage' and flashed back stock ROM (as far as I'm aware). I istalled pre-cooked first then I built one with kitchen making only very minor tweaks.

OK, so all that background aside, I seem to be having a memory problem. When I think back, it was there I believe even with 6.1.

If I do a soft-reset and allow to boot normally, the initial memory readouts show (I have an 8GB card installed as well), I only have TouchFLO 3D loading at least via Today list.:

Storage: Program:
Total: 317MB 109.42MB
In Use: 70.95 76.14MB
Free: 246.86 33.28MB

In device info, it says RAM size is 192MB with 82.58 to OS and 109.42 to program memory. Flash size is 512MB. As the day goes on, the amount free drops even with no programs running.

So, some basic questions.
1. As far as anyone is aware, is 192MB the amount of RAM this phone should have?
2. Is there a way to determine what programs are using the most amount of memory? (use the term "program" loosely) - analagous to process list in windows?
3. How can I free up more memory? Can i change what is allocated to program vs os? Should I dump some memory hog via kitchen? is 6.5 too much for this phone (I guess I gave up numbering).

I think that's good enough for now. I just dont know if it's the phone or if I should be doing something different, finding a different ROM or what.

Thanks in advance.
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Old 12-20-2009, 10:12 PM
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Re: Freeing Memory - Understanding Memory Usage and Allocation (RAM)

1. Yes, Verizon has a gimped version of the TP from other CDMA carriers

2. Get a better task manager, use google there are a ton of windows mobile task managers

3. cleartemp and cleanRAM will help you out, or soft-reset when you see your RAM drop too low
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