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Old 11-11-2009, 11:04 PM
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Sprint TP2 Data stopped working today

Weird story but here goes...

BTW Stock Sprint ROM, never been flashed/unlocked

Data and voice were both working fine this morning and the last time I updated my weather/stocks was 11a. Around noon, my wife and I were out with the handsfree paired to the car and were using google to find a restaurant. My wife kept getting a "check your internet connection" type error. No program that required internet would work, but voice was just fine. I pulled the battery and restarted the phone, still no good. I went into settings and used "update profile" to reprovision data...nothing. Stopped at a sprint store on the way home and had them take a look. After 45 min, they came back and told me, "Oh, you are on SERO. The TP2 is not authorized on SERO. That's your problem." I told them this wasn't true etc and then they tried to reprovision as well...still nothing. Took the phone home and got online to chat with sprint. The CSR marked my account for some updates and then had me reprovision, update PRL, etc....still nothing. She transferred me to standard tech support who sent some 'more updates', tried to reprovision again...still nothing. Moved up to advanced tech support. The lady there had me reprovision again. Then she told me that "Oh, I see you are on SERO. Your phone can be placed on the SERO plans, but if there is any problem with them, we cannot provide tech support to fix the problem." I was like WTF, how does that work?? She then said, "Yes, we can't provide support for your HTC HERO (not TP2) and we suggest that you switch to an EPRP plan instead of SERO, because the HERO is compatible with those plans and not SERO." At that point I asked for her supervisor. He was a nice guy who tried changing some settings in the EPST. He then transferred me down to one of his subordinates who went through everything again...still nothing. At that point he suggested a hard reset, which I did, and things worked again. I then restored a backup from last week, and things are fine.

Does anyone have any clue as to what might have happened to the phone? I want to make sure this is some sort of fluke and not a bug in my particular phone since I just got it last month. I was initially worried it was somethign related to SERO, but I guess it wasn't. Also, my wife's Samsung Exclaim on SERO had no issues during this time period, so it wasn't a network thing. Anyways, if you read this far, I appreciate any advice. Thanks!


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