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Old 11-01-2009, 03:44 AM
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Few noob questions...timestamp/animatedwallpaper/radio?


So I just updated my phone to energyrom leo, and i love it. 2 questions pertaining the rom, i cant get the animated wallpaper to work on my home screen, dont know y...secondly my incoming text messages are east coast time, but my outgoing is pacific cuz i currently reside in vegas. its not a big issue but wen i look at my conversations, the order of which the messages were sent and recieved are disoriented bcuz of the timestamps, does anybody know a fix for this? I saw one for bell mobility or osmething but that edit wasnt quite for my verizon tp2. Lastly, wat is a radio rom, im confused with that, i looked at some of the threads but Im still not really sure. If anyone can help i would appreciate it, thanks.
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Old 11-01-2009, 04:36 AM
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Wirelessly posted (Opera/9.5(Microsoft Windows; PPC; Opera Mobi/16643; U; en) HTC_Touch_Pro2)

Since I dont use energy ROM's at the moment I cant properly answer your first 2 questions but as for the 3rd.

Radio ROM's or simply radios are the configurations that control the "phone/data" portions of your phone. The need for different radios will depend on your coverage and carrier. For instance if you get sprint coverage in your are and its better than verizons then you can flash a sprint radio and your signal would change to pick up the sprint coverage. there are a few problems with this sometimes however such as your phone using a Verizon PRL but your using a sprint radio and only picking up sprint can cause infinite roaming icon on your phone (if your plan is super old then you could also get CHARGED for being in a roaming state). Some radios have restrictions that may lock SIM, stop apps like visual voicemail, or even prevent current ROM from picking up any signal at all. Lucky us radios can be flashed in less than 3 minutes so we can pick and choose what is best.

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