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Old 12-19-2008, 11:56 PM
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sprint mogul on verizon

Hey guys i need some help i have been using this guide to switch a sprint mogul to verizon and i have the verizon rom on my mogul now and i am stuck because i do not have a phone i that supports qpst and is verizon. Does anyone know how i can finish this project?

I believe i should give credit to scottemick...

I recently purchased a Sprint Mogul and unlocked it, reloaded the Alltel ROM and am using it on Alltel. Verizon does accept non verizon phones, but as I found with Alltel who also accept non-alltel phones, you will often get resisitance in the stores. They are under-trained and have no clue about reloading your phone.

You must do it yourself!

Tools I used:
ftp://ppcgeeks.com/../Tools/QPST_2.7.249.zip -THis is used to unlock your phone if needed and update the service information from Sprint to Your Provider
ftp://ppcgeeks.com/../Tools/GetSPC.zip (finds your phone's MSL if it needs unlocked).
ftp://up.ppcgeeks.com/Titan/Users/Im...rd-SPL-MFG.exe - Run this and then your RUU loader afterwords to install your ROM

For verizon the stock rom would be:
Verizon XV6800 ROM MR1 Date: 2008-08-23

make sure you have the usb cable, activesync if you are on XP, otherwise Vista has it already.

Basically you need to
1. Get the MSL code from GetSPC inputing your ESN and it outputs the MSL.
2. Put your phone in DIAG mode (##3424# ##3424 Send, or #*#3424). If it is a sprint phone, the first one will work.
3. Run QPST (you will need the MSL you obtained from getSPC
4. You may want to save the phone's configuration if you ever want to roll back to the SPCS config. Anway, Change the MSL to 000000 and write it back to the phone.
5. then run the Hard-SPL-MFG.exe program, paying attention to when it tells you to disconnect and reconnect your phone.
6. Then install your ROM.
7. Now, you will need to configure service by going into DIAG mode again (probably need to use #*#3424 now) and using QPST change the service information to that for Verizon or whatever carrier you want. I had it easy, I plugged in my Samsung Hue R500 and copied the service information off of that one.
8. If you get all the service information right, you should be able to call verizon, give them the ESN. If they give you slack, wait a bit and call back. Persistance is the key. Then you can do *228 for OTA programming.
9. Search on here for Verizon internet configuration. I am not sure of the details.
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Old 12-21-2008, 12:11 PM
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Re: sprint mogul on verizon

OK... I see that you finished the process but it you need to specify the problem you are having in order for any of us to help you.
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Old 03-04-2009, 10:58 PM
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Re: sprint mogul on verizon

I'm not sure where he is stuck, but I'm at step 7. I don't know what information I need to enter to change the service information to Verizon. Does anyone have that?
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