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Old 12-01-2008, 10:33 AM
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Pocket PC: 6800
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Dialup redirected to dunsp.vzw.com ____HOW??

I recently returned a faulty PPC 6800 that I have been running a Helmi installation on since May. Dial up and GPS were awesome and it was the most rock solid device I have held.
I flashed that baby back to Verizon state and exchanged over the Asurion insurance deal.
So, I was starting with a brand new Verizon branded PPC 6800. The label says it is a remanufactured phone with Asurion on the label date 10/30/08.
I have run into an error that I can not seem to shake. First off when I upgrade to Titan_WM6.1_20924 My resulting ROM is version 3.08.666.1 Iíve been out of the loop since May, but, I am thinking this should be higher? Also notable, Radio ROM ver 3.35.04.
I set up my Bluetooth tethering and I connect to my dialup, get Dialing #777, verifying Username, connected. When I start up firefox I am redirected to https://dunsp.vzw.com/selfProvisioni...sioningServlet Same result when I use IE.
I am using vista business on a Dell laptop, the only recent thing I have done is to install QPST_2.7_b215-Wmodemdrivers.zip from http://rapidshare.com/files/14220534...ivers.zip.html Wmodem.exe filesays file modified 9/2/2008 ‏‎12:50 PM measures 2,363 KB. I install this based on http://wiki.xda-developers.com/index...VerizonAGPSFix in an attempt to fix my GPS.
I am a little curious that the Verizon logo came up for a split second when I ran the installation routine. I can not figure how to uninstall this app. Shows up in uninstall programs, but will not uninstall only reinstall itself. I have found several fragments in my registry. Could this be the culprit?
Everywhere I redirect my browser get me to the same Verizon page. Outlook errors out on send/receive.
I have tried other builds on BuildOS but still get the same.
GPS does not work either but donít I need a higher level ROM for this?

I am most concerned about the redirect. Is this being influenced on the laptop, PPC, or dialup connection?
Sorry to be needy, I try to work these things out for myself and I have searched the internet and this forum. I do see Internet Sharing on Verizon after using Sprint Leaked ROM but this is for vouge.
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