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Old 09-04-2008, 01:19 AM
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What did i miss?

starting at #4, I don't have htc_gard file, wasn't there did rest.

As well as all listed here. Cricket Complete MMS/WAP Settings (change file send/rec size limit included)

first time, I had the sprint 2.04 pri on, it downloaded one mms, then no more. Spent a good 6+ hours on a pc today that likes to shut off without notice to get it relocked, stock rom, then start over not letting 3.56 rom to customize. Did all the things listed in 2 above threads, and still in same boat. I have changed prl after prl to dial *228, but it wont take. Shuts down in middle of call and signal is gone. Have to shut off phone and restart to get signal back. After 15 failed attempts, I get "15 failed attempts, phone will freeze for one minute and restart". Seen this twice now and am working towards a third. (yes, close to 45 failed attempts at *22 When 2.04 pri was on, and I did above tweaks, and it would download only one mms, it also killed my wifi.

Today I started out with 2.09 sprint rom with 1.24 pri, locked it, did 2.40 spl, 3.56 sprint without customizing, then vetvito sexier mobile vCBU for cricket, then vboots.

Short of smashing it to little, un-reconizable peices and going to cricket and buying a criket phone, what am I missing to get this D%$& thing to work? This has been an ongoing headache for a couple months now.

Will someone please help??? PLEASE?

I have to take breaks on this. A little this week, a little in a couple weeks, and so on, as it took me this whole day just to get the 2.04 pri off. It is when I REALLY feel like dealing with this blue screen of death infested pc for that long of a period, do I do anything to try and get it going.

Current standings is above mentioned, with working wifi, voice calling, mms/sms, net. No gps (com4, hardware none, baudrate 4800 auto handling, location on) and can't get ota from *228 to work. Don't have roam feature on calling plan (one failed attempt said if I had it, I would need to go to cricket to program phone, yeah, like they can do my titan) One last thing for now. Is the EV icon there to have something else to look at besides 1X? I have the EV, but when I make a call, or go on net, it switches over to 1X. (only on evdo prls)

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