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Old 12-29-2007, 08:23 PM
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Mogul BlueSoleil Bluetooth Device How to Activesync

Because I had such a difficult time and had to do quite a bit of searching, I will write a simple bit to make it so someone else does not go through my headache.
(make sure you have the latest version of activesync)

To connect and sync with a BlueSoleil Bluetooth Device, mine being the 9017 bluetooth device sold at Microcenter created by ppa-usa.com PPA international PPA int'l.

This device requires an _OLD_ version of BlueSoliel, version 2.6.08 which is not supported on the BlueSoliel site.

How to get it working? BlueSoliel devices often will not use the internal bluetooth stack in windows (I could not get default drivers to load for this device) and thus require the software to initiate.

So now that I have mad this thread keyword heavy, here is what you do.

If you have come here after trying everything to get the sync to work, IE you have set up pairings in either the bluesoliel software or your mogul, go into each and delete and unpair each. In the BlueSoliel software unpair the the mogul by right clicking and hitting "unpair" in the "Main Window" area of the IVT Corp BlueSoliel software.

Now that you have done this, make sure you go to BlueTooth on your Mogul, either using connections or the Comm Manager, and remove the pairing there as well.

Now that this is finished, go to the BlueSoliel software and start it up, now go to "view" and go to the "services" window, you should see to little comm ports, they should be "lit up" either green or yellow, and they should have com ports next to them. Mine, for example, say COM14 and COM15. Note, I have done this on two machines, and on one machine I actually had to pair my device up (only available service by default is serial port) to get the com ports to light up and give me a choice, I then had to unpair it for the following).

Now open Activesync and go to file "connection Settings" and there should be a section that has a com port, it should be under "allow connections under one of the following"

Choose the com port for Serial Port A, in my case COM port 14.

Now, start activesync on your device, and select sync by BlueTooth, this will then tell you that no connection is set up for this, and would you like to add a new connection.

Of course, you want to add a new connection, so you go to the bluetooth area to add a connection. Set up pairing at this point by adding the device, and if the instructions worked for you instead of showing available services as "serial port" it should give "activesync" as an available service!

If this does not work, you can try to go to the BlueSoliel Software and go to tools, Configuration, Quick connect, and assign your device to the com port shown under the "serial A" under the services area.

Hopefully this is indexed by Google and helps someone.
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