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Old 11-03-2009, 11:49 AM
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Data Connection issues (Idle disconnect and unable to reconnect)

My Imagio has had terrible battery life, likely due to the fact that the data connection connects to the network and stays connected in an idle stae most of the time in between email checks.

I've since applied one of the registry tweaks identified in the Touch Pro 2 forum to the HKLM\Comm\CommMgr\Planner\Settings\SuspendResume key., and battery life is much improved (along with setting the device to only use CDMA)
The default value was #777, and I changed it to:

This seems to work. I also noticed other "options" in the same forum all applied to the SuspendResume key:
1) Set "SuspendResume" to 58 00 00 00 33 00 99 00 88 00 39 00 58 00 39 00 29
2) "SuspendResume"=multi_sz:"#777","GPRS_bye_if_d evic e_off","",""
3) "SuspendResume"=multi_sz:"#777","GPRS_bye_if_d evic e_off","GPRS_bye_if_device_off"

So the first question is: Since these all came out of a Sprint CDMA thread, and the Imagio is on Verizon, which of these is the correct setting to use???

Second question/issue: I've noticed that somtimes the Imagio will not reconnect to the data network, giving an error about the network being temporarily down. It seems that soft resetting the device clears this error. Could this be related to the tweak I made, or is this a different problem??? If different, how to fix?

Guidnace is much appreaciated!

Thanks in advance
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