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Old 03-23-2009, 10:23 PM
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Diamond-Physical Camera Problem - success!

So I've owned my phone for about 6months now, and have already lost it numerous times (this was before i found the smartphone locator which is AWESOME!).

Some time in January, I guess it fell out of my friends car and it was lost for 2days. Thank god I decided to use the clear plastic case I had that day. It was found and the person who found it called my dad and it was returned, but with one problem. The camera's glass covering, was shattered/cracked. How on earth this occurred with the clear plastic case, plus the back still attached still evades me. Nonetheless all of my pics were now blurry making this wonderful 3.2megapixel camera useless, but it still worked.

I decided finally that the risk of breaking it was worth having decent pictures again. Just now, after removing the battery, I took a push pin and started hacking away at it very carefully to remove all of the glass that shields the camera from dust etc. Must've been in 10 different pieces.

IT WORKED!!! OMG! I can finally use my diamonds camera again. I'm so excited I had to post my success story here. LOVE THIS PHONE!!! Anyone else have similar stories? I'd like to hear em.
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Old 03-23-2009, 11:27 PM
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Re: Diamond-Physical Camera Problem - success!

not with my touch pro, i would die if i lost it... but on an old sanyo i had, used sprint's service track it, and it ended up being at the police station. i had gone out the night before, and then hit up a diner at like 4am, and while my friend was puking in the bathroom, and i was helping her clean up, the busboy stole my phone. along with like 8 others. thankfully, he got a dwi on the way home from work, and the police found all the phones. so i went to the police station and was like, hey, you guys have my phone.

the first thing i did when i opened my 1st diamond was installed smartphonetracker, and by the time i got the touch pro (after numerous exchanges of the diamond), i got sprite terminator. i put that on my friends phones too. if anything, its fun to track people and mess with them (they have no idea its on there lol).

but yeah.. stop losing your phone!
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