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Old 08-16-2007, 05:22 AM
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Program to store favorites remotely

I got tired of loosing my favorites every time I have to hardreset my phone, which thankfully isn't that often anymore, but it does happen on occasion. So I searched for a solution to store my favorites on a remote server thru activesync or something, but couldnt find anything.

Well in the not to distant past, I use to play with VB6, so I figure VB.NET can't be that hard. So I get a copy of it and the WM dev kit, and start tinkering.

What i'm wanting to know, is there any interest in a program like this by others? If I do get it working 100% would there be people interested in using it?

Right now it has a WM5 part, and a php/mysql part for the server.

Also, if there are any VB.NET developers out there, with experience in WM5, I have a few questions on doing some things that I'm just not sure on..
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Old 08-16-2007, 08:54 AM
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What version of active sync are you using? My AS syncs my favorites even after hard resets.

The other option would be if you use Opera or know exactly where the favorites are being stored on your device, you can set AS to copy or sync that folder everytime you connect. Or manually copy the favorites folder to the storage card every once and a while.

Or you can use iGoogle, which is a personalized google homepage that you use a login for. It has an option to store bookmarks and categorize them. It is stored on google's servers so it is available anywhere there is internet access. Don't know if it works with PIE, but I know Opera Mobile can see the iGoogle page and my links without problems. (or you can use many of the other free online bookmark services)
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