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gTen 09-24-2011 01:58 AM

Upgrade Forums....Please Read.
To try to keep the forums a little cleaner, we are asking that you ONLY start threads in the Upgrade forums that are to release a ROM, Kernel, Kitchen, Radio

If you have a question about a specific ROM/Kernel/Radio/Kitchen, then please post it in the appropriate thread.

ALL other threads should be the the device's forum (for example, those related to hardware, GPS, bluetooth, etc).

If you have a reg edit or tweak...if it applies to multiple devices, then please post it in the 'PPC Registry Tweaks' forum and list which devices its compatible with. If it is device specific, then post it in the device forum, NOT the Upgrades forums.

If you're not sure where to post something, then post it in the device's forum and a staff member can always move it.

To keep things organized please use the following format:


[TYPE] Name


[ROM] Greenhouse Impact

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