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chazybaz13 09-18-2009 03:39 AM

ROM|10-17|WWE|Sprint/Generic TP|6.5.1|Build 23071/23420 *Reflectionist Rom V0.6*
Hello world!

This is a HTC Touch Pro Sprint CDMA ROM, based on Windows Mobile 6.5.1 BUILD:23420 and 23071. Native 6.5 Kernel also. This is my first Rom I’ve built so go easy on me if there are any hiccups. This is more of a test build than anything. I am really trying, lol. I’m fairly new at cooking, this rom is built using:

BIG thanks to Calkulin, Da_G, NRGZ28 for inspiring me to become a chef, JMZ, and everyone on these forums- you guys have truly pushed the limits of these devices! PPCGeeks FTW. I don’t want to take any credit for any of this, the only thing I did was make icons and customize it the way I’d like to see it. So if I haven’t included your name and stuff in this rom is from you, by all means let me know and I’ll be more than willing to give you a big thanks!

Before flashing, phone MUST be unlocked, so go to this thread to learn how

This Rom currently includes both Manila 2.1 R1.5 VGA Port from Yozgatg at XDA as well as the standard Titanium. If there’s a demand for it I will upload a separate Rom with just Titanium as well. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated and a simple thanks or a donation for my slaving to get this up and running. My main goal for this Rom is to simply have the latest programs, WinMo Build and Manila. I don’t really care much for battery life or anything, so if that is what you’re looking for I am sorry. I'm just going for a specific look, but I would love to hear your suggestions, comments and questions. Thank you so much for your time.

*This rom has only been tested on a Sprint CDMA Touch Pro, I am unsure if it will work on other carriers. I am not responsible for what may happen to your phone while flashing this and using it.


Please let all the customizations run at first boot, and wait until it soft resets. Thank you.

Known Issues:

-Build 23414 is buggy to begin with lol.
-Don’t change the theme in Settings>Home! This will cause the start menu to glitch!
-Task Manager is now available from holding the start menu.
-Some icons I have not changed yet, I plan to have all of them skinned soon.
-Expect some applications to be cut off due to bigger taskbar. And possible issues with fullscreen applications.
-Stuck with the Classic Blue background til I can figure out how to change it in Calk's awesome kitchen.
-Volume control is linked to the Microsoft one instead of HTC, this is a bug in 6.5.1.
-Bluetooth Explorer won't start, trying to fix.
-Bluetooth works, just no notification in taskbar.
-I recommend backing up and restoring your settings with Sashimi, if you use SPB Backup/Sprite Backup/Resco Backup, it can overwrite the changes made in each release-making flashing to a new rom useless. Can also cause lots of glitches!

Like my work? Help a struggling artist buy art supplies and donate (Art can be seen on my website or Deviant Art)


32 MB PagePool with PP Changer included. Also this Rom is unprotected, feel free to use whatever you want outta it, just give me a lil credit and everyone who made this possible, thanks!

Included in the Rom:


  HTC Task Manager
  3 Row SMS Input Tweak
  hTorch Flashlight 3.2
  Diamond-Touch Pro EzInput 1.5.32437.0
  Adobe PDF
  Arcsoft MMS
  G-Alarm 1.5.1
  HTC Calculator 1.1.1918.3025.00
  Bing/Live Search 4.6.6169.0
  Midomi Music-ID 1.6.57
  My Phone Console
  Pocket RAR 3.9b3
  QuickGPS 1.01.1913.1225.00
  S2U2 2.04
  Windows Live Messenger
  BT On/Off
  Jbed Java 0.0.20090217.51R2
  Long Press End Key 1.2.1913.4026.00
  nueCPL Power 0.1.296
  nueDynamicClock 1.3
  Voice Command 23008
  Volume Control 2.2.1916.3528.00
  Wi-Fi Internet Sharing*
  Rapid Charge Battery
  D3D - JMZ  driver
  Teeter 1.6.1914.2724.00
  Icons - Battery - Tsowen 3.1.5
  Icons - Taskbar - Tsowen 3.1.5
  Adobe Flash
  Opera Mobile 9.7b1
  Rhodium 2.1 - Gen.Y R1.5
  Album 3.0.1914.1129.0
  Audio Booster 2.2.1913.1926.2
  Audio Manager 2.0.1916.3527
  MP3 Trimmer 1.2.1919.2727.1*
  Voice Recorder 1.10.1912.3431.0
  YouTube 2.6.1916.1327.00
  Google Maps 3.2.0
  Sprint Navigator
  SprintTV 1.7.189504.0
  In Call Recorder 1.0.1821.2426
  Tachi PhoneCanvas 4.10.34656.1
  HTC Animation
  Rhodium Ringtones
  PHM Registry Editor
  Sprint Music Store
  Send End Softkeys
  Google Location on the Weather Tab of Manila 2.1
  Manila 2.1 4 Row/Column Programs Tab
  Leo Comm Manager 2.9.K.0*

chazybaz13 09-18-2009 03:39 AM

Re: ROM|9-18|WWE|Sprint TP|6.5.1|Build 23412 *Reflectionist Rom V0.5*
Sprint version of Rom:

Test Releases (10/17/09):



23071 Mirror (by request):

Current Release



-Improved stability of the Rom. (hopefully)


-Upgraded to 23420 SYS!!!!!
-Some UI changes
-MS Widgets are back and working!
-Updated Adobe PDF to
-Updated Google Maps to
-Updated Pocket RAR to 3.90
-Updated Task Manager to 2.1.1918.3631.00
-Updated TV Out PopUp to 1.2.1914.1226.00
-Updated Voice Recorder to 1.10.1918.3121.1
-Updated YouTube to 2.6.1919.2824.00

*New UI changes, more changes to come :P
*Added LockScreenAppLauncher from Tachi (thanks to Con!!!)
*Reverted back to the Opera that worked
*Rolled back the OEM for G-Sensor, so calibration should work.
*I'm sure there's more I'm just a lil worn out lol.

*removed Showcase
*Updated to MP3 trimmer 1.2.1919.2727.1
*Updated to Wi-Fi Internet Sharing
*Updated to Leo Comm Manager 2.9.K.0
*New USB-to-PC Popup skin. :P
*Added HTC Task Manager, tap right hand side once to show, tap it twice to show the new win mo focus bar.
*Updated drivers and oems from latest Leo dump
*Improved speed
*Bluetooth works, there's just no notification of it. (Workin on it) :(
*Still pretty buggy, but it's gettin there.

--9/29/09 10:00 PM--
*Added Sprint Music and TV back into Rom
*Rearranged icons

--09/27/09 5:00 PM--
Fixed IE cannot download blank (thanks Calk!!)
*Fixed can't turn on bluetooth with Leo Comm Manager (Thanks Calk!)
*Redid 3 Row SMS Tweak (thanks Calk!)
*Updated Midomi Music-ID 1.6.57
*Updated Sprint Navigation
*Updated Sprint TV 1.7.189504.0
*New Touchflo Icons
*Some new icons
*Added e-native's showcase suite, to see running programs hold the start menu button.
*Added HTC Calculator 1.1.1918.3025.00 from latest Leo packages
*Added PHM Registry Editor
*Added Leo Comm Manager from latest Leo packages
*Added Wi-Fi Internet Sharing from latest Leo packages
*Added Bubblebreaker (yay!!)
*Added Sprint Music Store
*MS Calendar overlap fixed
*Updated all the drivers from the latest Sprint OEM Rom
*Fixed Rearranging Touchflo tabs!
*Other misc fixes

--9/23/09 7:40 PM--
*Updated to 23414 Sys!
*Updated A LOT of drivers, so let me know if you're experiencing improvement or not.
*Organized some more icons.
*Finally fixed that ugly Facebook icon glitch when linking to your profile for the first time.
*Fixed calendar not opening, can't fix the overlapping issue, that's from the bigger taskbar.
*Other misc fixes.

--09/21/09 9:45 PM--
*New Manila Background on all tabs
*Organized the icons in the Start Menu as much as they can be organized (been pulling my hair out trying to organize that stupid start menu lol.)
*New icons
*Hopefully improved stability of Manila. (Fingers crossed)
*Removed more useless stuff to free up space and prevent some conflicts.

--09/21/09 12:04 PM--

*New startup animation!
*Added a 4-Row Programs Tab!!!
*Added a bunch of more optimizations to the registry.
*Calculator is now functional, yay!
*Organized more files into folders, still a mess though.
*Sprint TV fixed and working.
*Comm Manager colors fixed.
*Updated Java.
*Updated Youtube.
*Few new icons, still pushing through it.

--09/19/09 3:15 PM--

* Changed the Battery Poll to improve battery life
* Changed FaceDownMuteRing to 0 to improve battery life
* Added Camera Reg Edits for GPS mode, etc..
* Fixed Location and Phone settings in Registry (Shows up in Settings>Personal>Phone-Services)
* Changed PagePool to 32 MB
* Added some Wallpapers to "\My Documents\Wallpapers"
* Organized a couple apps into folders, I will finish organizing tomorrow. :P

The Start Menu will be organized like this:
Multimedia Folder
•    Camera
•    Midomi music id
•    Pictures and vids
•    Album
•    Windows media
•    Mp3 trimmer
•    Streaming media
•    Adobe Reader
•    Audio Booster
GPS Folder
•    Google Maps
•    Live Search
•    Sprint Navigator
Internet Folder
•    Opera
•    Internet Explorer
•    Windows Live
•    Messenger
•    Beejive IM
•    Wi-Fi Internet Sharing
•    Facebook
•    YouTube
Bluetooth Folder
•    Bluetooth On/Off
•    Bluetooth Explorer
Utilities Folder
•    Total Commander
•    File Explorer
•    In Call recorder
•    Messaging
•    Voice Recorder
•    Office Mobile
•    Tasks
•    G-Alarm
--09/18/09 5:17 PM--
  *Sliding Sounds Removed to free up space
  *All WM6.5 Widgets removed from release until a fix can be found.
  *UPDATED: New boot screen
  *UPDATED: Better looking Menus

Older Releases:







File Hashes for the Rar:
CRC32: 76D1FCC4
MD5: 2ECF25E141BF96E78CC7F79CA60155DD
SHA-1: AAFB555077C6338E58BFBF5E0D9C3A62770A4473



File Hash for the Rar:
CRC32: CD960058
MD5: 863121A5CA3BFF22D9812572FE2C303E
SHA-1: B08706A8D040F04B4D096DA8E14C4F4752BB8BFF

*09/21/09 Evening Edition


File Hashes for the Rar:
CRC32: A9856BA5
MD5: 24258305DE0C46BD07AFF14C3174AE8E
SHA-1: 41833CF73D0E59B924BFAAD97A66CAD0809984E6

 *09/21/09 Morning Edition:

File Hashes for the Rar:
CRC32: EA415A2D
MD5: B41C9C888F70B51DACC01050BA66773B
SHA-1: C0AB1E99F5E2523EF698A1449E6E3F68A4EC5565





File Hashes for the Rar:
MD5: E3391DACDBFC98784887FACAD41E51AB
SHA-1: F4EA3F1DDFA226E6DDB7F76520923C6EBA549AFF

*9/18/09 Evening Edition:

Files Hashes for the Rar:
CRC32: F1B28E95
MD5: DE3B858625FF5F27570A30C9E51CC761
SHA-1: 50F97C6A650D0168A030EC1241E189F4D7900BC2

*9/18/09 Morning Edition

File Hashes for the Rar-
CRC32: 49C5578A
MD5: 7B76084828016353A163273B4B02EDEE
SHA-1: F0F42CDDF51CD870C5D49C00FC212558B44060DB


My Website: http://www.reflectionistbaz.com/

chazybaz13 09-18-2009 03:40 AM

Re: ROM|9-18|WWE|Sprint TP|6.5.1|Build 23412 *Reflectionist Rom V0.5*
Generic Version of Rom:


*NOTE: This is an untested rom, I am not responsible for anything that might go wrong.


Tachi ScrollBar Fix
: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...postcount=1900
Credit goes to michyprima at XDA!

Side Note-- for better battery performance, I recommend Lumos over at XDA.

nueCPL-power "Backlight timeout" issue: (Big THANKS to ycats!!!)
you'll need to edit your registry -
then delete the "redirect", soft-reset.............then Start, Settings, System, Backlight

vernonlbrown 09-18-2009 07:30 AM

Re: ROM|9-18|WWE|Sprint TP|6.5.1|Build 23412 *Reflectionist Rom V0.5*
looks good. nice to see more people developing ROMs.

ycats 09-18-2009 08:02 AM

Re: ROM|9-18|WWE|Sprint TP|6.5.1|Build 23412 *Reflectionist Rom V0.5*
downloading now

davidzthe1 09-18-2009 09:28 AM

Re: ROM|9-18|WWE|Sprint TP|6.5.1|Build 23412 *Reflectionist Rom V0.5*
Nice looking rom, downloading now!

wchamblee 09-18-2009 09:45 AM

Re: ROM|9-18|WWE|Sprint TP|6.5.1|Build 23412 *Reflectionist Rom V0.5*
Downloading now, will beat it up, and report back. Thanks for giving me something to do at work on Friday.

ycats 09-18-2009 10:03 AM

Re: ROM|9-18|WWE|Sprint TP|6.5.1|Build 23412 *Reflectionist Rom V0.5*
running great thus far, really like the icons and colors............nice job! I didn't like the new layout of Battery settings, so I went into registry and deleted the redirect to batterylight.exe.

Scoob 09-18-2009 10:07 AM

Re: ROM|9-18|WWE|Sprint TP|6.5.1|Build 23412 *Reflectionist Rom V0.5*
Thanks for another ROM to play with this weekend.

I havent messed with a 23412 build yet.

As I download- I was wondering if you would consider increasing the PP for us Sprint users???
edit- nevermind, I see the PP changer. thanks

ycats 09-18-2009 11:02 AM

Re: ROM|9-18|WWE|Sprint TP|6.5.1|Build 23412 *Reflectionist Rom V0.5*
MSN Weather app isn't working.

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