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Old 08-18-2011, 03:24 PM
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Lightbulb Getting MMS to work on Android for Boost mobile

I have decided to put this together after trying to get MMS
working in boost for 3 days now. The information is out there
but I had to piece it together because I could not find The APN
settings and no official guide to fix MMS in Android for Boost

First MMS needs to be working on the Winmo side. If not I have
included the directions to get it working.


Note: If your MMS is already working on the Winmo side just
check the server address. That address will be the MMSC on the
Android side. All you would have to do is change the APN
settings. If that still does not work try using Go SMS.

*Install BoostMMSFix.Cab or whatever version of Arcsoft
cabworks for you.
*Go to Messages
*All messages
* MMS options or Pics/Video Options
* Click on NEW
*Server Name = put whatever name you want
*Gateway = leave blank
*Port number leave at 80
*Server address: http:// mm.myboostmobile.com
*Connect via: Sprint
*Send limit= leave at 500K
*Press done
*Send a MMS to yourself to test(you may have to soft reset for
changes to take place).

Note: If you cannot edit your server than use regedit to change
this registry
HKLM/Software/ArcSoft/ArcSoft MMS UA/Config/UI/EnableServerEdit

change from Value from 0 to 1. You should now be able to edit the server(you may have to soft reset for changes to take place).

******While you are in the registry go to this key
HKLM/Software/ArcSoft/Arcsoft MMSUA\Config\UI\Customization\Size Limit
Look for these entries:
Wap1RecvLimit1, Wap1RecvLimit2, Wap1RecvLimit3
Wap1SendLimit1, Wap1SendLimit2, Wap1SendLimit3
Wap2RecvLimit1, Wap2RecvLimit2, Wap2RecvLimit3
Wap2SendLimit1, Wap2SendLimit2, Wap2SendLimt3

**and change the values to 5120000 or 5512000


*Go to settings
*Wireless & networks
*Mobile networks
*Access point names
*hit the menu button and select add APN
*Enter the below settings
++APN settings++
Name: CDMA
Proxy:<Not set>
Port:<Not set>
Username:<Not set>
Password:<Not set>
Server:<Not set>
MMSC: http:// mm.myboostmobile.com or(whatever server address
used on the Winmo side)
MMS proxy:<Not set>
MMS Port: 80
MNCleave blank or settings will be erased.)
Authentication Type:<Not set>
APN type:<Not set>

*Press the menu button and select save.

***If using Go SMS you can manually enter APN settings into this
messaging APP.(you can get this app for the android market or app brain)

*Press the menu button
*MMS Settings(Scroll down)
*APN configuration(Scroll down)
*Check the box next to Fill APN config manually
*Enter http:// mm.myboostmobile.com or(whatever server address
used on the Winmo side)in to the MMSC
*Enter 80 into the MMS port and you are done.

I hope this helps
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