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Re: Any 6.5 roms out there that sprint would use for an offical update

Here I will explain. Ok i been looking at some threads and it might look like thats something i will get and then somebody will post somethinn about I have this problem and blah blah blah. Also they will keep posting up all these fixes and patches and this and that the fix and correct some of the problems with there roms and everything. So yeah im kinda scared to go through that. I just want one thats real fast, smooth with everything and it looks good. Yeah i would like it to everything and then some but just dont want to go throught all them problems with a rom thats not done all the way. Most of the people on here are smart and know these things, went to school for it. I just learn everything as I go. Some what a noob but trying to keep up but its hard sometimes. Yeah so if anyones understands what I mean now plz help thank you

P.S. Thanks Coz for moving my thread I wasnt sure still new to this hehe.
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