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Re: Official Titan built-in GPS Thread

Originally Posted by shaggylive View Post
welcome to the community.

on the titan yes, (i know nothing of 6.5) dcd would be a good one to use, but if you don't use the camera much, you can get 6mb more ram (that's 10% for the titan) with no2chem's last titan rom. pm me for more questions on that though.

back on topic; the radio version will the way to improve reception, although I'm not sure what's the best for you.
It's hard for me to believe anything could be better then Titan Radio ROM 3.42.50, I have to say it's amazing, I get like 8 sats in 15-30 seconds if even 15sec's and I live in the mountains. I have WM6.5 21501 and it rocks, forget 6.1! 6.5's GUI is alot easier on the eyes and much more functional when using your finger.

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