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Saying Hi and asking a dumb question...

Hey all,

Just joined and wanted to say hi.

Liking my new Touch Pro but trying to not compare it to my iPhone...

I used to have a windows mobile device years ago and my job supplies a phone so I bought the Touch Pro and I'm slowly getting back into tweaking it.

I have one question that I couldn't find anywhere on the forum, but I may have missed it so please forgive me and point me to the right spot if I have.

Is there a way to get images to automatically load in gmail on my phone? I've set it up as an email account but windows always makes me tap the link/security warning at the top of the email to get the images. I'm looking through the registry to see if there is anything in there I can adjust but some pointers to if it can be done would be nice if anyone has any.

Alex Devlin
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