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Re: Sprint wants $120 to replace my defective Touch Pro (D-Pad Broken)

Originally Posted by nerdtalker View Post
Well today my Touch Pro's D-Pad stopped working. All of the buttons are completely unresponsive, with no explanation whatsoever. Yesterday I noticed that the dial button stopped working, but thought nothing of it since it's usually finicky to begin with. When I woke up today, however, everything stopped working.

I went into the Sprint (corporate) store I always go to and explained the situation to them. They took it to the repair desk, and the guy came back, asked me if I had insurance (Ironically I canceled it this last billing cycle because of the increased deductible), and then told me that it would cost $120 to replace. I immediately told him that I'd have to think about it.

Last time I checked, this kind of thing was covered to begin with (since it was defective), and repairs were $50. I asked the rep, who said that the cost of smartphone repairs had been increased to $120. Does anybody know about this? I'd like to get the phone replaced as using it without a D-Pad is odd, and the device itself is acting very slow (I think it thinks buttons are being constantly pressed).
I own a Sprint Authorized service center and most of what everyone has said is correct. Sprint now charges $119 for replacement of defective units that do not have ESRP or TEP. Along with this change in policy though, Sprint now covers all in warranty units at no charge. The eTicket application automatically shows if the phone is in warranty or not. If it is and there is no physical damage to your phone, it should get replaced at no cost to you. Hope this helps.
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