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WM 6.1 21042 Kitchen

Hey guys. I have an interesting problem. For some reason every rom I cook with any choice of Manila causes problems with landscape. Since I am not using the beta Rhodium I should still be getting the limited landscape Manila screen but I am not. for some reason when I rotate the screen, the manila rotates with it so it is as if i was still portrait but since I am not, the manila screen is off to the left a bit and any part that goes beyond the length of the landscape screen is just cut off. Does anyone know what I could have chosen or done to cause this? This rom is cooked almost perfect compared to my last eRice 6.5 1.07 experience (will not use that till its proven good, even then I still dislike the start menu for starters). I have used OEM Manila's from different kitchens and even then it still will not work right in landscape.
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