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Thanks for the quick reply. I guess some things on my Treo were super easy compared to this device. I'm still trying to decide whether to:

1. Go back to AT&T and get the Treo 750...
2. Keep this one because some people say it's a better device...
3. Switch to the 8925 when it comes out October 3rd (so I've heard)...

When the new one comes out, I'll still be within my 30 day no hassel return window with AT&T. So, I can get the new PPC with no extra cost. But I'm trying to get used to it. It just seems that the Treo has so much more usability.

Would anyone be interested in helping me with pros and cons as to what I should do? I really need help with this. I KNOW the new 8925 will have more memory I'm told, but that'a about all I know.

So, what do you guys and gals think I should do?
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