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Re: Ring tone Delay ring please help

I have a touch pro from sprint. I was having this problem also, but i called sprint to get my msl# and changed the SCI (slot cycle index) from 2 to 0. Go to your phone keypad and enter ##778# and the screen will come up. Go to edit, type in your MSL#, then find your modem settings, and then SCI.

Also, since the HTC dialer is so damn slow, i went into my registry and turned it off. here is the registry...

"Enabled" = dword:1
change the Enabled value from 1 to 0 which will disable the HTC dialer.

My phone now rings almost immediately! I have an mp3 ringer not a wav, and i can have my phone on vibrate and ring without delay now. I also use a slide to unlock program for a keyguard feature. Very nice! It's in a cab file attached if anyone wants to try it! Hope this helps!
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