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Re: manila.exe erroring out right at midnight. Why?

Originally Posted by MrObvious View Post
I'm curious, what notification error?
It's just the usual "We're sorry..." titled-process which offers you the "opportunity" to report the details of an application crash, as well as to see the technical details for yourself.

Like this - (dunno if they have an issue with hotlinks) - but about manila.exe, and in WM 6.1.

Originally Posted by majorassface View Post
Did you happen to uncheck Today timeout in Start/Settings/Today/Items ? I know in a number of roms if this is left checked it did something similar to this, rebooting in the middle of the night. Try unchecking it and see if it changes anything.
I want to say I tried that a long, long time ago and saw no change, but I could be wrong.

I snagged an old copy of Juicy's 4.4 -- was planning on giving that a go.
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