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Originally Posted by AstainHellbring View Post
I think he used the old hacking methods before there was a kitchen
You are correct, sir.

Does Secured Wifi Work Yet???
I seldom use the WiFi between my unlimited data plan & my laptop, but the reports are that unsecured works, wep works, but WPA doesn't. It is on my list of things to do at this point.

hey verizonguy - glad you are back in action hope the basement went well.
Thanks. Yeah, it came out great. I did all the drywall & electrical myself, wifey painted, I hired a company through home depot to do the carpeting and hired a guy to put in a hung ceiling.

Did you leave the EXT ROM blank or are you using it? Are you running the VZW customizations or they baked in? Just wondering how the memory is being handled, as I've always had issues needing soft resets when its tweaked too much in some ROMS?
I haven't done anything with the ext rom yet. It is essentially useless at this point, so might as well use it for storage. This Verizon version is based on helmi's which has most of the customizations from the ext rom cabs already manually applied, so no, the customizations shouldn't be left to run.

just a quick note: I've been using the Resco Registry Editor for a while now and it hasn't deactivated yet (not sure if it needs a key I guess..)
The features aren't all available unless you buy it. The version included in this edition has more features and is freeware.