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Re: HTC Mogul Wap/MMS problem.

You can change it or delete it. I like just deleting the Sprint Connections altogether.

This is how I deleted Sprint Connections.

Start>Settings>Connections>Connections>Manage existing connections>General> Then click on box that says "Delete Settings"

Then when you go back into connections you should see "MY ISP" and under that click on "Add a new modem connection" then add your metro stuff.

After that go back to connections and click on "Manage existing connections" and make sure your Metro connection is selected as the one to use when an app requires internet.

I use Resco Explorer 2007 v6.17
Mine came with a 30 day trial period.

Two questions for ya:
1. how are you installing resco?
2. please list all the steps you take to get to the IOTA files. Include tapping start, etc.

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