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Re: HTC Mogul Wap/MMS problem.

Originally Posted by boomhowar View Post
Ok. So I just tested resco on another 6800 to delete htc_guardian which is responsible for reinstalling "sprint" connections in the connection tab.

Here's what I did:

First install resco.

Second: Refer back to the pdf you supplied and put the dummy "HTC_CM_Guardian.exe" onto your sd card. Should have been in a zip file with pdf.

Third: Use resco to access your SD card and copy the HTC dummy file, then use resco again to access your windows folder. Then copy the dummy into your windows folder. You will be prompted with a warning about deleting files on your continue.

Fourth: Change all your IOTA stuff

Fifth: Restart your phone. No need for reset, just hold power button down.

After doing this I was able to delete my sprint settings without having them restore automatically

Hope this works for you. Let me know if it does.

Also, the guide does not seem clear to me on this part.

5: Goto Connections and delete any existing connections and setup a new one using the following settings: Number to dail = #777 Username: Password: metropcs Domain: (Leave Blank) Select Proxy Settings and enter the following values: port:3128 (http) port:3128 (wap) port:443 (secure wap) port:3128 (socks) 6: Back in the "Connections" screen where you have two tabs at the bottom of the screen of "Tasks" and "Advanced", go to Advanced, click on "Select Networks" and select the name of the connection you just setup. Example if you leave as Sprint then choose that one as your internet connection and do it for both settings. MMS MAKE SURE YOUR WEB IS WORKING PROPERLY

Did he mean delete all existing connections or change it?
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