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Re: Sprint Theme and Digital Clock for Rhodium Manila

Originally Posted by Chuck_IV View Post
Were you using the new start menu where it links you directly to the programs tab? If so, I'm guessing this may have broken it. Many mods seem to break that new start menu with Juicy's ROM. That new start menu is more problems than it is worth IMO.

I tried installing a mod that made the program tab 4 wide(vs 3) and also made the all programs window 4 wide also, but that broke the new start menu as well(all I got was a blank screen) in Juicy's ROM(and in Mighty ROM's beta too).

I just used a cab to revert to the old start menu and then added back the old programs tab into TF3D2.
Problem is: How do I get to start any cab fixes.. I can't get to my programs or file manager... I e-mailed me the file but Poutlook will not let me run it right from there. I guess maybe I have to download through the phone browser. Nevermind that did it..

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