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Re: Verizon GPS not working anymore

I have a Verizon XV6900, using official 6.1 MR1, Valhalla CAB, no external GPS. I did a test by installing VZNAV, got the aGPS working again. Took it off and within a day it stopped working all together. Just now I tried a combination of these settings and now aGPS is working again:
HKLM\Software\Valhalla Legends\GPSServer\Mode=2 (the original value)
HKLM\Software\Valhalla Legends\GPSServer\PDEAddress=5C8BC6D8
HKLM\Software\Valhalla Legends\GPSServer\PDEPort=8889

REG_DWORD HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Valhalla Legends\GPSServer\QoSAccuracy = Relative fix accuracy requested. Defaults to 64. (Max of 255, higher values request a more accurate fix, but this may increase the time to acquire a fix.) I set this value to 255
Let's see how long this will last!

Oh, and if it makes any difference after entering the registry keys I powered down and removed the battery before rebooting.

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