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Re: Verizon GPS not working anymore

Originally Posted by wmnoobie View Post
I would re-enter
HKLM\Software\Valhalla Legends\GPSServer\Mode=2 <- D_WORD Decimal
HKLM\Software\Valhalla Legends\GPSServer\PDEAddress=5C8BC6D8<-Change to D_WORD Hex before entering the code
HKLM\Software\Valhalla Legends\GPSServer\PDEPort=8889<- D_WORD Decimal
Then soft reset -I ussually wait about 20-30 seconds after changing then soft reset and for whatever reason after that I power off pull battery and restart,
Hope this helps
OK. I tried entering the Telus information many, many times, only to be frusterated by no aGPS. Much props to WMNoobie. I followed his advice and recreated the registry keys and values with the types he specified and FINALLY, aGPS is working. I'm getting locks from a cold start in less than 30 seconds, indoors.

My situation was as follows: I have an xv6900, MR1 and Valhalla's cab. I was entering everything as suggested many, many times in this thread and the xda thread and it wasn't working. I had to switch back to Mode=0 to get anything (plain GPS -slow!). After recreating the reg keys/values, aGPS started working after a soft reset.
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