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Apache WM6 CE OS 5.2.1620 (Build 18125.0.4.2)

Apache WM6 CE OS 5.2.1620 (Build 18125.0.4.2)

Finally its here, sorry to keep you guys waitin..
Remember, this is not official rom (yeah dream on). It might contain a bug, maybe lot of it. And this is still an earlier phase of Apache WM6! this is the first APAC WM6 on earth so dont expect too much, but please do your part to make it better!.

Supported device:
UTStarcom PPC-6700, Audiovox PPC6700, Audiovox XV6700 and all Its variant.
ITS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH MOGUL/PPC6800/XV6800 (I've couple of pm about this)

Thanks Part:



Bepe, itsme
, Misar (Great man) for saving me hours of debuging crap by tellin the byte from hell with cmonex way, thanks you guys both, very appreciate it.

Apache Device:

Kdoweb for give me the Device. How the hell can I do it without a device!..
luv2chill (dan) for being a good friend and my partner with Apache rom / kitchen development and support and helps others. Thanks dan... really appreciate and respect that.
Naiga , Colonel, ImCoKeMaN, Kolano, CaptainJager , Polargoat, Tiermann, gguruusa, 6700Yuma , vboyz103 for testing it, suggestion, report, idea, support and all others, thanks for the help with development, actually I wanna thank you guys for being a good friends..
The_Omni, willysp, Wideawake (mike) for the site, helps and also the shipping the device and other helps.

And a special thanks to CaptainJager , Polargoat, Tiermann who help me, test, keep, store and manages and share the ROMs files for public downloads..., Thanks Guys! really appreciate it...
and all of you guys at! and all of the donator, well in the end it will back to your own benefit, thanks!...
Sincerrely, I hopes that I'm not forget any names... if so forgive me...

This ROM is free to use but at your own risk, I take no responsibility for any conflict, fault, or damage caused to your phone by this upgrading procedure. No warranties of any kind are given. Any commercial usage prohibited.


Things Included:
MS Office2007
MS OneNote Mobile v12.0.4518.1014
MS Winlive v10.6.31.2001
MS LiveSearch v2.0.2739.29907
HTC Home Plugin 6tab v1.5.620.722
HTC CommManager with 10 Buttons
HTC Touch Dialer With working Smartdial and ## Codes
HTC Smartdial v2.5
HTC Task Manager v1.51.30229.1
HTC Voice Recorder v1.10.611711.0
HTC Streaming Media v2.20.615718.00
HTC Audio.Manager v1.2.614712.q
Adobe Reader 2.00.288531
Adobe Flash Player 7
Arcsoft MMS client v3.0.6.24 (sorry Prehistoric version seems to be more usable for now)
Additional Ringtones, Themes, and Games
Esmertec Jeodek Java v20070425
WM5 Storage 1.75 By Thunder
Yahoo Go! 2.0

And here's the ROMs:




Verizon with 1.02 bootloader


Vivo Brazil


Bell Mobility


Cellular South

New Zealand


Reliance India


If your operator is not on above list then you should use the Generic one:


And mirror by Tiermann:

Quick How to:
1. Put your device in bootloader mode (RECORD+POWER+RESET) and click APAC_WM6_R0_[Ur Operator name].EXE then click install wait till it finish.
2. Then Left Softkey+Right Softkey+Reset and then press Y (Hard Reset)
3. Done

Consider this release as a preview one, wanna a better one? get involved... And about kitchen, Kitchen will be available after this WM6 has more user input, bug report, correction, idea, suggestion, etc. so lets make things better by participate.

Apache WM6, lets start!!


ps: I hope that no more rom or kitchen hijacker, creating kitchen or rom (especialy a ported one) is a hard and very time consuming and need a lot of study, trial, weeks or even months of study, you hijacker just mod a bit and put your names on it without even mention the real artist? thats cruel and I'm sick with it, its happens to me not only here at ppcgeeks, please post a revision idea or patch or even better join the kitchen staff, for all user benefit ,or mod what ever you like, but please put the credit where it belong, or make your own! or even better I will make 'mod' from your artwork and claim its mine. So I can stop messin around with Apache Stuff, and you do the hell job...So I can retire publish any rom/kitchen for apache, thanks!.
If you like my work Donation is always appreciated

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