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Re: [3-9-09] KK's Loaded ROM v1.8 Sprint and Others [OS 5.2.21015 Build 21015] [UC]

Originally Posted by darcyjames View Post
Hi All</p>
<p>Love the ROM. But having an issue with activsync getting support code 80070008. Done what I know and searched but still the code. I also noticed I couldn't add an appointment to outlook calendar on the Pro, something about memory said to close programs, none were running. sorry for the short post , getting yelled at to go. Any help is much apreciado.</p>
<p>Got the calendar to take the appt. on the TP, but still won't sync right, still getting support code 80070008. I read where someone changed the page pool from 24 to 12 or 8, I assume you change this then run the ROM update again?</p>
<p>I have done the change but have yet to re ROM(kinda waiting for 1.9?) <img src="images/smilies/eusa_wall.gif" border="0" alt="" title="Brick wall" smilieid="54" class="inlineimg" /></p>
<p>For some reason I have 2 mobile office files in programs, one full, one empty. whats the easiest way to delete one? I've tried looking but have been unable to find the location of the file and be able to delete it.</p>

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