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Re: oops

Originally Posted by volDeus
[i havent had as much trouble with it as most people i see posting here about it but i dont use it that often ... IMHO the main reason to use Mini or Picsel is for the eye-candy and i never used either as my primary browser ... of course the web compressing thing Mini does is great but (IMHO again) unlimited internet is sort of a requirement with a PPC so the compression isnt worth using such a featureless browser ... i just stick with the full Opera for most browsing and Picsel for pages i dont want to reformat or for showing the phone off everytime i hear someone say "iPhones are the sh*t!!" XD

it would be awesome to see either Mini or Picsel updated tho in any event ill shut up now ... dont want to spam a good thread
The main reason to use opera mini over opera mobile is not the eye candy of the zoom feature, but rather the much faster rendering speeds. I only use the full mobile version for websites that mini chokes on.
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