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Re: Tips for Searching

This has been sitting on the back of my tongue for a while now and this is the time to let it out. I personally think the search function of this site is fairly lame. You can type 5 or more relatively strong words and the search still comes back as "The search term you specified is under the minimum word length (3) and therefore will not be found. Please make this term longer." This happens constantly and then to add insult to injury after that happens, you have to sit there and twiddle your thumbs since you can't search again for another minute or whatever length of time it is! I do agree that the Google search is much more efficient, BUT, to my knowledge it isn't available in the thread searches, only in the global searches. Therefore it brings back alot of irrelevant results and further frustrates people who then have the "oh what the heck, I'm gonna post this and see what sticks on the wall." mentality. So, before we continue bashing, mocking and scolding every poor soul who falls victim to posting material that has already been posted, perhaps we should look within here and ask if we might not have a bigger problem. Namely an inefficent searching mechanism. I don't think it's the search engine's fault per se (especially not the Google function), just the entire mechanism around it. For a web site brimming with some of the most talented software development people anywhere in cyberspace, I think it certainly could be better. Ok, my rant is done. Feel free to flame, bash and otherwise mutilate my existence at this point. But hey I said it and I'm glad!
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