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Re: oops

Originally Posted by sheltem
Originally Posted by volDeus
i figued this out over a month ago but barely ever used it once i found out about the Picsel browser ... if i had realized so many people would get excited i would have posted earlier and saved kevxross the work .. sorry!!
Picsel is nice but it always gives out of memory errors and it sometimes quits on me. Hopefully the upcoming Samsung WM phones will have a newer version.
i havent had as much trouble with it as most people i see posting here about it but i dont use it that often ... IMHO the main reason to use Mini or Picsel is for the eye-candy and i never used either as my primary browser ... of course the web compressing thing Mini does is great but (IMHO again) unlimited internet is sort of a requirement with a PPC so the compression isnt worth using such a featureless browser ... i just stick with the full Opera for most browsing and Picsel for pages i dont want to reformat or for showing the phone off everytime i hear someone say "iPhones are the sh*t!!" XD

it would be awesome to see either Mini or Picsel updated tho in any event ill shut up now ... dont want to spam a good thread
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