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Originally Posted by apollooff320
got to step 4 and got losts. When you say duplicate you mean copy right? Well I copied the file and renamed it. Now how do you do step 6? I hold the sytuls on the icon and I don't see properties.
Yes, I mean copy it. You will need a better file explorer than the crippled one WM6 comes with. Look for TotalCommander or Resco Explorer.

Originally Posted by want2tokyo
can someone post the Java link located at \Windows\Start Menu\Programs\. mine got deleted by accident. thanks in advance. (its the one your supposed to copy)
Here you go.

I've also updated the first post with my Opera Mini shortcut that you guys can use instead of copying the Java shortcut. You'll just have to change the s#_ (unless yours is s3_suite too) and the path to wherever you put my OperaIcon.dll.
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