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Full Opera Mini Shortcut + Icon

Well I finally got my OperaMini shortcut how it should be and it was such a PITA getting everything working right that I decided to share it here. You will need TotalCommander or Resco Explorer to do this. To get a shortcut to launch Opera Mini without going through the midlet manager:

1. Go to \Windows\appdb
2. You should see files like s#_suite. One of these should be Opera Mini. If it is the only Java app you have installed it will be the one that isn't s0_suite. If you have several, you can click on them to find out which launches Opera Mini. Mine is s3_suite, even though it's the only Java app I have... Now remember whatever number it is.
3. Go to \Windows\Start Menu\Programs\
4. Find Java, and duplicate it
5. Rename it to OperaMini
6. Go into Properties > Shortcut. It should say "\Windows\jeodek.exe"
7. Make it: "\Windows\jeodek.exe" -run s#_
(Replace the # with the number from step 2)

---I've now attached my Opera Mini shortcut so you can download it, put it in \Windows\Start Menu\Programs\ and just edit it instead of duplicating the Java shortcut.

Now you have a shortcut directly to Opera Mini. The problem is, it has that stupid Java e as the icon. To get the Opera icon:

1. Download the dll attached to this post
2. Put it on your phone somewhere
3. Edit the shortcut again, this time make it: "\Windows\jeodek.exe" -run s#_?\Path\To\OperaIcon.dll,0
(Obviously change the path to wherever you placed the dll.)
Here's what my shortcut target looks like to give you an example: "\Windows\jeodek.exe" -run s3_?\Storage Card\My Documents\OperaIcon.dll,0

And that's it! The hardest part was creating the icon.. It's hard to get round icons to not look like crap on nonwhite backgrounds. Hope this helps someone!
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