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Question 2 Diamond problems

Hello everyone;

I have been coming to this forum for about a month now and I must say the wealth of information and the help offered is simply amazing! Also I have searched for answers to my problems with no luck.

Problem 1: Sprint Touch Diamond no longer vibrates. Doesn't vibrate on start up, call connect, new text message, ect. I have the boxes check in Settings > Sound > Advanced > Notifications for vibration. I did drop the phone on a wooden floor once, I have also unlocked and flashed Mighty ROM then a day later flashed back to the stock Sprint ROM. Could this be a software problem or just a result of dropping the phone?

Problem 2: I bought the phone on a Sprint upgrade in December 08. In January 09 all 3 Sprint stores in my area (3rd party stores) closed down before my 30 days were up. Now the closest Sprint store is 75 miles away. I would check every 2 days or so to see if the Touch Pro's were in yet because I wanted to upgrade before the 30 days were up. I decided to stick with the Diamond rather than drive the 75 miles to upgade after the stores in my area closed. Now on my Diamond where the Home hard key is sits about 1/32" lower than the touch screen and seems to sink lower every day. The other side with the back hard key is still flush. I did buy the $7/month Sprint insurance with the phone. Has anyone had this happen to them with the Home hard key? And does anyone think I could get the phone replaced with insurance or possibly upgraded to the Pro since the stores in my area closed before my 30 days were up? I was told by the manager of the store where I bought it that he would extend my upgrade period until he actually had the Pro's in stock.

Any advise/oppinions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,
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