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[UPDATED 03/17/09] MrHawaii PCM Keyboard v23 Skins

[UPDATED 03/17/09]

I finally got around to making skins for the v23 beta of PCM Keyboad? These skins are VGA compatible. (Have not tested on other resolutions). Highlights include "up, down, left, right" arrow virtual keys to quickly move cursor without d-pad; smileys; etc.

Download and install PocketCM Keyboard v.23 from

Download vDark/Light MrHawaii from here and copy zip file (do not extract) to My Device>Program Files>PCM Keyboard folder.

Select the skin in PCM options along with QWERTY layout. Enjoy!

Dark Version


There are 4 main layouts alpha, capital alpha, numbers, and all symbols.

Press shift key to bring up capital letters.
Press 123 button to bring up numbers along with numbers related symbols layout.
While in numbers layout, press shift key to bring up more symbols.

Shortcut/Hidden Keys

You can press and hold certain keys to bring up a quick list of other keys. Then you can just slide and release your finger on the key you want.

Press and hold smiley button to bring up more smileys.
Press and hold 123 button to bring up numbers, symbols, shortcuts, and directional arrows. ***New***
Press and hold enter button to bring up functions and commands like CUT, COPY, PASTE, and OPTIONS.
Press and hold any letter to capitalize that letter.
Also, after a "." "?" or "!" it will automatically get a "space" after. ***New***


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File Type: zip vDark MrHawaii (100.0 KB, 775 views) Click for barcode!
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