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Re: att fuze only 200mb ram?

Has been brought up a few times already but... The "missing" RAM is dedicated to the OS and is not available for programs to use regardless of everything else. The amount that is not "OS Program Memory" is available for other programs, be it bloatware or whatever else you happen to have on your phone. To see the total that is actually on the phone you need to go to settings ---> system tab ---> Device information ---> Hardware tab. Under that you will see RAM size, this is the total RAM available as far as hardware is concerned. First under that is OS program memory this is the total that is used by the operating system and (Unless im wrong disclaimer here) pagepool, this can be changed by using a custom rom to some degree +/-, it can go either way depending on how it was cooked, and often with the custom roms there is a pagepool editing tool so that you can customize it. After that is program memory which is what you get to use to run stuff (a good chunk you still cant get to.) That program memory is the 197 that you see.
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