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Re: The Apache Lives on.... WM6.5 pics

my experience with this has been good. I have been using for last 2 days straight. Some of the things i noticed from ppc kitchen roms i also noticed in this rom.

With ppc kitchen latest buildos 20931 and 20755 both exhibit this.
1) microsoft voice command quits with low memory
2) device shuts off after four minutes with no key press (notice this during mp3 playback, etc (meaning i believe activesync is same way)
3) guru gave hack to disable power shutdown and this works

if they fix these issues with kitchen this will be the bomb!

6.5 is slow with scrolling in start menu but not so bad. even though i have sprint it worked fine for phone calls. didnt try text or cell internet WIFI works fine. Windows Media Player does not play anything.

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