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TF Load Looping Error FIX

Originally Posted by KaliS View Post
hey guys i got this to work on my TP and i think the problem you all are having is because of the .cab file being for a Diamond, not a TP.

i went into the file using total commander and made the edits and it worked perfectly. just remember to do a soft reset so the changes take effect.

here are the steps i used for this:

1) open total commander (or other file editing program) and go to the windows folder

2) scroll down and locate the file "26948339_manila", highlight it and select "edit" from the file menu

3) scroll down within the file until you locate the line that says:
<Page Order="5" Name="" PackageName="HTC" Title="[[IDS_MUSICTITLE]]" ExternalScriptPath="HTC\Scripts\sprintmusic.luac">

(note that on the XDA site, the code says "Page Order "4"....")

4) delete this part of the code only: ExternalScriptPath="HTC\Scripts\sprintmusic.luac"
(make sure that this is the only thing you delete)

5) select "save" under the file menu, exit the program and soft reset...that should do it.

hope this not a programmer but i follow directions well and not too afraid to get my hand durty, lol.

Make sure you get delete the last set of quotations before the > symbol. I didn't and it caused that load error. Went in and deleted the ", and now it runs perfectly. Now to get rid of the "Sprint" in "Sprint Music"
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