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Re: control windows media player from TP-Remote

I keep getting connection timeout error:

Here are something to note
  • In step three I set the specific IP for the Pan driver to the example of, default gateway is left blank and subnet mask auto populated.
  • I ran the program in set 4, like it mention there is no visual that this application has launched (do you have to run this each time you want to use gremote?)
  • I was able to pair the device and they are seeing each other, I am using the bluesoleil 6, same program used in this demonstration
  • Step ten there is no BT Connection found under network connections, there is however a Local area connection 9 (bluetooth pan network) that I think he is referring to in the directions
  • Ive set the TCP/IP to and again left default gateway and below that DNS server info blank
  • I have no firewalls running on my pc
To my knowledge Ive followed the directions to a T and its still not working, can someone please advise. Thank you in advacne.
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