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Re: TF3D HD port 2/1/09 update

Originally Posted by Misfortune View Post
Here is a little project i am working on. Changing all the highlight colors, and the sms count notifier. I am going with green right now. My gradients should be a bit smoother than the original green highlights. Although, i think i came across another bug in the port, when you press down on a selected item in the settings list or the call history list, the highlight is off. [see pic for example]

And one last thing, does anyone know which manila contains the highlight for the program thumbnails??

I will be putting together a zip of all the manila files to achieve this when it is complete if anyone is interested.
I have been asking for weeks for someone with the ability to edit graphics in manila to help. Are you actually making edits or just copying manila files. If you can make edits then I will walk you through what needs to be done to which files to get it close. Some edits XBOXmod has to do but many are just graphic and or code edits.
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