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Re: TF3D HD port 2/1/09 update

just installed the new cfc version from a fresh rom flash and everything seems to work the same as before but i have found a couple of small issues.
  1. if you are at the home tab and hit the D-pad down it will highlight the clock and then missed calls and then NOT calendar. if you navigate to another tab and then back to the home tab and hit up on the D-pad you can select calendar, missed calls, clock.
  2. there is a down arrow below calendar on the home screen for no reason. no appointments showing so why is there an arrow? you cannot select it anyway.
  3. the highlight bar is too big. if you look at the attached pic you will see it is supposed to be highlighting missed calls but it also highlights part of calendar.
i have not installed any themes, icons, or anything that would mess with manila.

after looking at it closer it looks like the missed calls bar is smaller than the calendar bar. i am guessing that is why the highlight bar looks too big? the highlight bar fits the size of the calendar bar.

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