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Changelog and additional information

  • Fixed oblong shape of sun and moon when being created
  • Increased city amount from 10 to 25
  • Added all weather states to Easter Egg
  • Auto update has now been fixed
  • Swiping/clicking up/down to change cities now displays all information
  • Animations have been fixed
  • Added additional image files and changed a few others
  • Added additional lua files referenced in main lua file
  • Country/City selector now extended to full length of screen
  • Fixed images so they are properly sized for our screen resolution
  • Fixed displaying of arrows allowing you to switch between cities
  • Fixed touch location to match the arrows
  • Alpha Release
Additional Changes
  • Added CAB and ZIP for additional languages

Archived Versions
These are archived versions, do not download unless you want to see how the CAB progressed from it's earliest stages.
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