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[APP] HD Weather TAB - v1.3 (Fully Functional)

First off, big thanks to XBoxMod and the guys working on the Full HD Port, sztupy for creating the magnificent LUA tools and patiently answering all my questions while working on the decompiling of the LUA file(s) and 6Fg8 for m9editor which was great for manipulating the mode9 files and graphics.

This is the Weather TAB from the HTC Touch HD. For those that aren't up to doing the full HD conversion, this will only upgrade the Weather TAB without affecting the rest of the phone.

Standard Weather TAB from Touch Pro/Diamond

This is what it looks like with the HD Weather TAB
  1. Extract CAB from ZIP file
  2. Upload CAB to phone
  3. Turn off TF3D
  4. Soft Reset to make sure nothing is still in memory
  5. Install CAB
  6. Turn on TF3D
  1. Disable TF3D
  2. Restart (Soft Reset) the phone
  3. Uninstall app (Start> Settings> System> Remove Programs)
  4. Enable TF3D
  • Location/Condition text doesn't fade in/out when switching cities
  • Change Easter Egg to display 9 RANDOM weather states rather then ALL
I've uploaded a CAB that will install all languages for the Weather TAB as well as a ZIP file if you would like to locate and copy just your specific language. Just like above, disable TF3D before adding the Language CAB or the individual Language Manila's. Just to clarify for anyone using the files within the ZIP, they must reside in Windows directory of mobile.
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