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Re: TF3D HD port 2/1/09 update

Originally Posted by darnell View Post
You make me want to totally do it all again without .Net CF 3.5. And I just got mine setup with TF3D HD just days ago .

Does anybody know why .Net CF 3.5 is recommended? I've always found it to impair device performance. If the TF3D HD port works without .Net CF 3.5, I suspect it will run even faster on an installation that does not have .Net CF 3.5.

It seems like having .Net CF 3.5 is very much needed given how Xboxmod stressed to make sure it's installed first.

yeah mine works perfectly fine with out it .. i have tried doing it 2 times both on the jucy 4.7 rom .... i have heard that the new calkulins rom has the TF3d HD already loaded into the rom .. i have yet to actually check this info but that what my brother told me

Edit: the Net CF 3.5 may be already cooked into some custom ROMs

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